Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Garden Evaluation

It is now that time of year when we pick veggies for this years garden.  I generally start with seeds to save more money, but some people prefer plants.  Please get the plants on sale ;)

Here is one way to determine what seeds to use:

#1 - you need to know what will grow in your area, also knownn as your climate zones, there are 10 in the US, I personally live in #8

#2 - what do you eat?  What I mean is, if you like salads, plant lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, etc (according to #1 of course).

#3 - what can be stored long term?  For instance, I like tomato products, and I know how to can, so I plant more tomatoes.  We like salads, but there is no way to store it long term, so I still plant lettuces, spinach, radishes, etc, but not in excess.  I also know how to pickle, so I am okay planting extra cukes, peppers, onions, etc.

#4 - look at your list, then look at your alloted space, if you love lots of things, and live in an area when a large variety grow, but you ave limited space you have to either A) curtail your plans to fit in your space or B) get creative and make more space with containers ~

My space is pretty large and easily expandable, but currently my list looks like this:

Main plot (8' x 20'): 10 Roma tomato plants, 5 basil plants (around base of tomato plants), onion patch (usually about 50 plants in a bunch), 10 bell pepper plants, 5 jalapeno plants, radishes, various lettuces and spinach, green beans

Flowerbed (I am not a flower person):  herb garn - basil, cilantro, thyme, savory, oregano, applemint, parsley, sage, chives, scallions, various lettuces scattered throughout, 2-4 cherry tomato plants, radishes

Containers:  various lettuces and spinach, various herbs, strawberries

I realize I have lettuces and spinach in all 3 places, but every year they grow differently in different locations in my yard based on sunshine, rain, wind, children, animals, etc.  Plus each seed packet has about 500 seeds because they ar so tiny so I spread them out, AND with succession planting you can have fresh, unbolted lettuce for longer!

Happy Gardening!