Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Managing Fuel Consumption

Ok, it's time again to look at how we travel and our fuel consumption.  Currently, regular gas is 3.39 a gallon in my town, and I drive a Ford Expedition, which gets about 17 mpg.  So, I am having to rethink some of my going.  Now I was not one for going everywhere all the time, but if I just wanted to go look in at a particular store just to 'see what they had', I would go (most of the time).  But now, I really have to add in how much gas it takes for that trip.

If you have an appointment, or have to pick something up in a neighborhood other than your own, ask yourself 'is there anything in that vicinity that I need or will need soon'.

Can you put off a trip to the library/store one more day?

How badly do I really need an item?  Can I make a substitute?

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