Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A cup with lid in a pinch

Have you ever lost a child's straw cup?  I have hundreds of times, and now I am only down to a couple of them.  I did however, see an alternative tonight.  If you need a cup with a lid in a hurry, go to your fridge (or if you like me, go to your cabinet), and get out a sour cream container, or any plastic. round container with a lid that is taller rather than squattier - you know what I mean.  Clean it well, punch a straw hole in the top, put the drink in it and pop in the straw - presto.

Now, please do not think that this will be spill proof.  Let's face it, cups that say spill proof themselves are not spill proof.  We are talking not losing the entire drink on the floor or seat if it takes a tumble - don't be too picky.

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