Friday, June 24, 2011

Bag Reusing

Not everyone reuses ziploc bags or the like, but consider the potential. Each little baggie costs about .07, which I realize is not a lot, but let's say you reuse enough bags in a year to not waste 100 bags. That alone accounts for $7.00. Not much, eh? True, but one small habit started soon spills over into many habits that pile up. There is an old saying that I read in Isabella Beetons Book of Household Managemnt" that I love but will Americanize, "Take care of you pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves" (she used pounds and farthings I think )

I do have a few rules about reusing bags though, never after raw meat of any sort, allow to thoroughly dry after washing, when you fill it with water and the leaks resemble a sprinler system, either throw away or use for crayons and markers only.

Any of you have any good bag reuses?

I reuse store bread bags for homemade bread too.
I keep ratty reused bags in the car for trash collection.
In the summer I also keep spare bags for wet bathing suits,etc.

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  1. I probably don't use my recycled bags for anything new and interesting. I just wanted to reaffirm that saving bags is worthwhile for the budget. I used to buy large quantities of ziplock bags from Costco.. now only occasionally will I purchase freezer bags from the dollar store. I save every bag that comes through my door.. as long as it doesn't hold dairy products or meat.