Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eye Glasses

Hi everyone! My name is StephG and I am honored to be posting along side Misssnippity and Mommy B.

One thing I dread when I go to the eye doctors is getting my glasses prescription (RX) and then feeling like I have to browse their optical shop for a new pair. Not that I have anything against optical shops, but the prices are pretty outrageous when you're working with a budget. (This is coming from someone who has worked in the "eye" business for over 12 years!)

Imagine my delight at finding Zenni Optical. An online optical shop with absolutely amazing prices! Now, I was slightly skeptical at first, so I did some research and digging. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were thrilled with their service and quality of their glasses. The frames start at $8.00 and they have many options including anti reflective coating which cuts down on the glare you see on someone's lenses. Plus, the shipping is $4.95 no matter how many glasses you order!

Now, it just so happens that my step daughter had an eye exam about a week ago, and is in need of a new pair of glasses. So, I decided to go check out their site. Miya chose the frames she liked and I just ordered them today. It was so easy and I have a pair of glasses coming in about 2 weeks that I paid $28.95 for. Total. Including shipping.

One thing to remember when ordering is that you will need a copy of your current glasses RX and it must have your PD (pupillary distance) on it. If your RX doesn't have it then you'll need to call your doctor and have them give it to you. (The PD is the measurement in millimeters between the center of one pupil to the center of the other, so technically you could do this yourself if you had a mirror or someone to help you)

Definitely worth checking out if you are in need of a new pair of glasses or even a back up pair!

We should have Miya's glasses in a couple of weeks, so I'll be back with an update of our service, time frame, and satisfaction with the finished product.

Happy saving!


  1. Having worn eyeglasses for the last 22 years, I can see where this would be tres helpful on the wallet. My only concern would be that you can't see how they look on your face. Probably not as big a deal to an elementary aged kid, but certainly a huge deal to an pre-teen/teen and adult.

    So, I wonder what their return policy (if there is one) would be? Satisfaction guarantee??

  2. Just had a mommy walk in my office (school nurse) and tell me that she had ordered a pair of glasses for her and her daughter from the same place. She is going to bring them in for me to see when they arrive.

  3. I'm hoping to get Miya's in the next few days! I'm really excited.

    My one concern was being able to see them on my face too! However, all Miya cared about was the kitty's on the temple pieces as well as the

    She's happy with the glasses and I'm happy with the price :D

    I'm sure you could also find a pair of frames at a retail store that are similar to those on the website. At least then you would have an idea of what they would look like on you.