Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giving up paper plates

Self-explanatory, right? I'm trying a new thing to save a few $$$. I'm giving up my paper plates.

A bit more about me, and why: I am a mom. I have three children and a husband. For my work, I have a childcare in my home. I have 4 children enrolled. I hate to do dishes. anyone could see that paper plates were saving me a ton of time. But I am picky...I didn't want the cheapest paper plates, because they get all soggy and food soaks through. And I didn't want foam, because I felt that was really bad environmentally (never researched...just my thoughts). So I liked a particular type of plate that cost between 30-45 cents per plate (depending on sale pricess, package size, etc). but when I looked at how many plates I was gets scary. 3 to 6 for breakfast, as well as lunch, 5 days a week. Thats a lot! And of course, because they are in the cabinet, they were usually used for dinners and weekends. Thats a ton of trash and $$$! I'm giving them up! Yes, I'll use a bit more dish soap and water...but not much compared to what was wasted before. It might take a little more time, too...but I'm already going to be washing the cooking utensils and pans.

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  1. Good for you!!! Paper plates are one of those things that have pros and cons...

    I don't buy them unless we're having a bunch of people over and then I love when we have some leftover!

    I just don't like spending the money on them at the store.