Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tin Cans

I try really hard to find interesting and useful ways to reuse things so as to #1)keep them from being garbage and #2)save some money.  Let's take tin cans (from veggies, fruit, etc) - I wash them out, let the kids decorate them with colored paper, or you can use a piece of cloth and some glue and actually make them kinda pretty and wah-lah, you have pencil holders, sorting cans for change, screws,etc, and you could probably use them to start seedlings.  They are a free with purchase item, and reusing something in a creative and useful way is even better than recycling because even recycling uses energy and emits greenhouse gases. 

What other common household item could you reuse creatively?  I'd love some ideas!

1 comment:

  1. Tuna cans that have both ends removed make good biscuit cutters. They are also good for cutting out the middle of bread when making a breakfast dish called "eggs in a nest."
    I almost always save shoe boxes. They are good for storing odds and ends, and for sending packages to loved ones.