Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free is good

I just love free stuff! Especially when I get to try free samples of products I already love or haven't tried, but want to!

Those of you who know me are aware of my love of coffee! I drink it throughout my day, and even at night! Fortunately caffeine does not keep me up!

So, I was excited to see an email in my inbox from talking about a new product. It was an instant version of their already delicious coffee. (Normally I don't like instant anything because I think of all the stuff they may have put in it, but we're talking coffee here!!) It gets better because I can get a free sample!! Go here to get yours! I can't wait to see how it tastes!

Also, I signed up at for a catalog and they send you a sample of their tea. I received it the other day and the sample included was for green tea! I started looking at their catalog and the items in there are so cool and definitely not free. It was fun to browse though!

There are other good sites to get free stuff and you would be surprised how much you can stockpile. One last site is at

As with anything, just be careful what offers you sign up for. Any offer that "requires" you to go through a lot of steps or sign up for multiple offers in order to get your free product isn't worth it. Trust me. I tried once and was bombarded with spam email for the longest time. I eventually changed my email and made my old email address my junk email. Now I don't see the junk. Only the free stuff!

Have fun "shopping"!

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